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Work Visa

Work Visa

We are sure you have heard a lot about getting Work Permit for Canada and starting you new life. You could be a Farm Worker or a Truck Driver or an IT Professional with the right education and experience, Canada opens its arms to receive you with the same warmth. There are many categories which fall under Work Permit and out Team is fully qualified to help you in all matters to make things easier for you. However, before you decide to come to Canada as a Foreign Worker, our expert Team at Starleaf Immigration implores you to ask yourself the following questions, so you can be sure that what you are doing is correct.
  • Have you ever wondered what this whole process is and how long it takes?
  • Do you speculate whether you are getting into the right field of work as per your education and experience?
  • How will you be treated when you arrive here? What are your rights?
  • Will you be paid? Is your Medical covered?
  • Will you be able to bring your family?
  • Will this lead you towards a bright future in Canada and help you get Permanent?
We understand that the idea of moving away from your homeland for a brighter future seems perfect, but it might not be as easy as it sounds. With the right guidance and consultation by the help of our experienced team, you can have absolute peace of mind. Our Team provides the following services under Work Visa:
  • TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program)
  • IMP (International Mobility Program) NO LMIA REQUIRED!
  • Pilot Programs (All Provinces)
  • Open/ Closed Work Permit
  • Spousal Work Permit
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